Welcome to Mortimer Medical Practice

To see a doctor, nurse or healthcare assistant please telephone us or come into the surgery to book an appointment.

Routine doctor's appointments can be made online if you first obtain a password. Please email alisonharries@nhs.net

All surgeries are by appointment only.

Ordering Medication

Medication can be ordered on-line.  This is a much safer way of ordering than by telephone or email as there is no danger of transcription errors etc.  If you have a password to make appointments this can be used to order medication.  If you would like to use the service please contact reception and ask for the account to be activated and a password issued if needed.

London Marathon

Dr Marian Davis will be running the London Marathon for the Margaret Pyke Trust. This organisation has worked for over 50 years both in the UK and internationally providing training in contraception and reproductive health to clinicians. As part of the Population and Sustainability Network, they work towards improving reproductive health as a  step towards empowering women, eradicating poverty and sustaining the environment.
Your contribution will inspire me to train hard and to try and achieve my personal goal of completing the Marathon in less than five hours.

Mobile Telephone Numbers

We are now able to text you to remind you of upcoming appointments and give general information. Please ensure that we have your correct mobile number.

Waste Medication

Last year over £1,000,000 worth of unused medication was returned to pharmacies and practices.  This cannot be re-issued and has to be destroyed.  To read more follow this link: PHARMACY PRESENTATION HFD1203 2015_Dec

Firearms Licences

Following guidance from the British Medical Association we can no longer complete forms for applications for firearms licences.

New Patient Registrations and Change of Details

Please download and complete our patient information/update questionnaire and send it to the surgery:


New Patient Registration Form - Change of Details ..