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Research Activities

The Mortimer Medical Practice is a Research Ready Practice linked to the Clinical Research Network.  The Practice works closely with a team of GPs, research nurses and facillitators based in Warwick Medical School.  If a patient is eligible to join a research study running in our practice, someone from the practice will provide information.  Taking part in a research study is voluntary and can be beneficial to patients who do participate.

Recent research studies we have participated in include:

WRAP – weight reduction

FIT – prevention of falls in the elderly

FAST Asthma – asthma management

TIME – timing of hypertension medication dosing

HEAT – Helicobacter erradication using aspirin

FAST Gout – Febuoxstat versus Allopurinol

CANDID – Cancer Diagnosis Decision Rules

GCA – Giant Cell Arteritis

STILTS – Genetic variants associated with thinness

VACCEPT – Cervical smear study

Quality of hospital letters

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