Who is where and when

Follow the link below to see where each GP usually is on Monday to Thursday.  Friday is run on a rolling rota and changes every other week.  When one doctor is on leave the others may move around to share the workload.

All doctors have half their clinics in Kingsland with Drs Gray, Voysey, Black and Kemp holding clinics in Leintwardine and Drs Dales and Corbett in Orleton.  Dr Bartlett works on a monthly rolling rota over all three sites.

Drs Mathias and Davis have officially retired but are working for the practice as a locums.

In addition to the sessions in the table Dr Gray holds skin clinics on Tuesday mornings.  These alternate between Kingsland and Leintwardine.

The Young Persons Clinic is held on all three sites each Wednesday afternoon.  Appointments are bookable on the day. These are for anyone aged 12-18.

Who is where and when